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Brian Epstein Autobiography
A Cellarful of Noise
"It occurs to me that I'm going to be asked why in the midst of a busy life I should take time off from the personal management of my artistes to whom, after all, I have signed myself, to write my own autobiography when I'm not yet thirty.

It is simply that I wanted to put down at an early stage an accurate account of the emergence of the Beatles and other artistes from my own point of view. So much has been said that is exaggerated, inaccurate, extravagant, and open to misinterpetation that I thought that a detailed account could only help and, I hope, prove of considerable public interest..."


Brian Epstein wrote the above words in 1964 as a prologue to his autobiography A Cellarful of Noise.

Long out-of-print, Cellarful gives readers an inside story of his discovery and management of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll band. From their initial struggles to their rise to the pinnacle of success, his story includes:

  • how a request for a record led to his discovery of the Beatles
  • why Ringo Starr replaced the original Beatles drummer Pete Best
  • details of the Beatles' legendary first visit to America
...and hundreds of other fascinating little-known facts of Epstein's life with the Beatles and other top stars he managed.

A new edition of Cellarful of Noise was published in the USA in 1998, featuring a new, specially commissioned introduction by world-renowned Beatles historian and authority Martin Lewis, which, along with Epstein's own words, creates a compelling insightful exploration of the life and times of a gifted man who had an ear for genius.

Derek Taylor and Martin Lewis in 1995

In his 45-page narrative, Martin Lewis offers an illuminating perspective on how Epstein's death contributed to the Beatles' break-up, and he sheds light on why Epstein then became practically a "nowhere man" in Beatles history despite his significant role in their success. Lewis also explains the role of Cellarful's co-author Derek Taylor, who subsequently became Epstein's assistant and the Beatles' publicist. Lewis, who worked for Taylor in the early 1970's, and remained friends with him until Taylor's untimely death in September, 1997, includes a separate tribute to this legendary Beatles figure in the book.

Lewis, one of the driving forces behind the current campaign to restore Epstein's reputation, summarizes the enormity of Epstein's incredible track record, and gives clear perspective on 1960's Britain and that era's music industry, a social, cultural and political milieu radically different from today's world.

The new edition of A Cellarful of Noise also includes a new foreword from Sir George Martin.

A Cellarful of Noise is an inside account of the Beatles' fast-paced ascendancy, as seen through the eyes of Brian Epstein, the man who was steering their course. As Paul McCartney recently acknowledged...

"If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian."

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